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Nepal Himalayas (Mountaineering in Nepal)

Nepal is a country well known for its Himalayans Mountains. Among the 10 highest peaks in the world, eight, including the highest peak Mt. Everest, crown this country. Nothing on earth can beat the exhilaration of scaling them. No wonder Nepal is the favorite destination for mountaineers and every year more than 600 expeditions trudge up the Himalaya, including the trekking peaks.

Nepal Himalaya is known as the rooftop of the world. The Himalayas are the highest mountains in the world. Their scenery is legendary. These mountains have had an air of mystery until recently. Even today, the vast area of the Himalaya is untouched. It has always remained a source of fascination and inspiration for people from all walks of life in the world. Himalaya ("Him" means snow and "Alaya" means abode), the abode of snow and the Gods, extends about 2500 Kilometers. The Brahmaputra (Assam) in the east and Indus river in the west demarcate the length of the Himalaya. It is 300 Kms wide and rises nine kilometers above the sea level.

The Nepal Himalaya is in the centre of the Himalayan range. Eight peaks that exceed 8000 metres including the world's highest peak Mt Everest are the prominent members of Nepal Himalaya. It has a convergence of 1310 magnificent peaks over 6,000 metres. Nepal has become famous through out the world due to these mountains.

It is a very interesting thing to know that there was a sea (the Tethys sea) between Indian Gondwana continent (Indian sub-continent and Eurasian continent). Around 70 and 80 million years ago, the Himalaya began to come into existence. It is a peak of each evolution only about 10 to 20 million years back. Therefore, the Himalaya is extremely young and geologically active. According to geologists, mountains are growing at a rate of 15 cm (6 inch) a year as the Indian plate is moving northward and forcing under the Eurasian plate. This process (plate tectonics) causes the earthquakes in this region. Geologists say that the collision of continents is squeezing up sedimentary rocks that were once below the sea. The mountains of Himalaya are the result of the collision of continents.

Top Peaks of the World
Mountain              Country           Height                 Date of Ascent
1. Everest             Nepal        8848m / 29028ft        29-May-53
2. K2                   Pakistan    8611 m / 28251ft       31-July-54
3. Kanchanjunga     Nepal        8586m / 28169ft        25-May-55
4. Lhotse              Nepal        8501m / 2789Oft       18-May-56
5. Makalu             Nepal        8463m / 27765ft        15-May-55
6. Cho-Oyu           Nepal        8201 m / 26906ft       19-Oct-54
7. Dhaulagiri         Nepal        8167m / 26794ft        13-May-60
8. Manaslu            Nepal        8156m / 26758ft        9-May-56
9. Nanga Parbat     Pakistan     8126m / 26660ft        3-Juan-53
10. Annapurna       Nepal        8091m / 26545ft        3-June-50

For fees and other details please contact: 
Food and equipment imported for expeditions require an import license and should be custom cleared. Walky-talkies, Tran receiver sets and other communication equipment are controlled items in Nepal and have to be declared at the customs office at the entry point.
Preparation in Nepal for Expedition

Import of foods and equipment:
Invoices and airway bill or bill of lading (four copies each) have to be submitted to the Ministry of Tourism for import license and customs clearance for the import of expedition foods and equipment to Nepal. CIF Katmandu value is to be clearly mentioned in the invoice.

Communication Equipment:

As Walkie-talkies, Transceiver (Wireless) sets and other communication equipment are controlled articles in Nepal. Please declare these articles in the customs office (at entry point) that you wish to bring into Nepal for use during climbing period. Such equipments have to be collected from the customs office by receiving permission letter from the Ministry of communication. For the clearance of the equipment-completed application form and invoice with catalogue or specifications (four copies each) should be submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, which are latter to be sent to other concerned government offices.
Filming or Documentary:
Permission is required for filming or documentary. The Ministry of Communication must be contacted any time for queries about filming in Nepal. Please let us know your requirement, we will send all the details and the costs of the filming that you are going to shoot.