If you can trek why not climbing??

Trekking and climbing are two distinct outdoor activities, each with its own set of challenges and requirements.

Trekking typically involves walking long distances over varied terrain, often through mountains or wilderness areas, with the goal of exploring nature, enjoying scenic views, and experiencing the outdoors. It requires physical endurance, proper gear, and navigation skills but generally does not involve technical climbing or the need for specialized equipment like ropes and harnesses.

Climbing, on the other hand, specifically refers to ascending steep or vertical rock faces, ice formations, or mountains. It can range from relatively easy scrambles to highly technical and dangerous ascents that require advanced skills, training, and equipment. Climbing often involves using ropes, harnesses, protective gear, and sometimes even specialized tools such as ice axes or crampons.

While trekking and climbing both involve outdoor exploration and physical activity, climbing typically requires a higher level of technical skill, risk management, and specialized gear. Additionally, climbing often involves reaching specific summits or peaks, while trekking may focus more on the journey itself rather than reaching a particular destination.

Everest Expeditions Nepal is the pioneers of the first mountaineering school for westerners in Nepal. Nepal is the perfect classroom clear skies, warm days and consistent conditions. We do not want to just lead you to the top of a snow – capped mountain. We want to teach you the skills to make you a competent team member of any future mountaineering expedition. Our ratio of one instructor to three when learning skills or being guided, means you will get high level of attention we consider necessary.

Who can join the courses???

This course is suitable for the complete novice or a good refresher course for those who want to climb again. You will have discussions on equipment. Weather, avalanches and mountaineering in general. You will have instruction on crevasse rescue, glacier travel, ice climbing, and snow craft. So even if you have climb before you will be having a full and comprehensive revision course on some of the most important skills in mountaineering.

What to carry while climbing??

You will need a small day sack to put an extra fleece in, camera, water bottle, and potentially your water proofs. That’s all.

Everest Expeditions Nepal Team:

Our instructors are picked for their knowledge and expertise in the mountaineering. If you feel safe, it means you relax, learn more, and enjoy yourself. Our teams are chosen for their personality and their professionalism. We want you to have one of the most memorable experiences of your life and you share it with has a large part to do with it. So, if you can trek why not climb??

Climbing Trips: Who can join the courses?

This climbing course is suitable for the complete novice or as a Great refresher for those who want to climb again. The course Curriculum includes an introduction to equipment, ice climbing skills, rope work and comprehensive mountaineering safety techniques.

Full organize trekking trip:


15 DAYS US$2500 Per Person.

Fixed Departure Dates:

March 20-03 April, April 02-16, 18-02 May, May 05-19, May 15-29, 21-04 June, Oct 02-16, 18-02 Nov, Nov 05-19, 21-05 Dec.

PIKE PEAK (4065M): Camping Trip,

US$ 1400 Per Person

Fixed Departure Dates:

20-28 March, 30-07 April, 09-17 April, 19-27 April, 29-07 May.


Six days course: $1050 Per Person excluding Air-Ticket.

Fixed Departure Dates:

March 15-20, March 21-26, March 28-02 April, April 03-08, April 07-12, April 09-14,April 15-20, April 22-27, April 29-02 May, May 03-08,May 09-14, May 15-20, May 21-26, May 27-01 June, June 02-07, June 08-13, June 14-19. Oct 13-18, Oct 19-24, Oct 25-30, Oct 27-01, Nov 02-07, Nov 08-13, Nov 14-19, Nov 20-25, Nov 17-22, Nov 26-31, Dec 02-07, Dec 09-13


Fixed Departure Dates:

March 14-19, March 20-25, March 26-31, April 03-08, April 13-18, April 16-21, April 20-25, May 02-07, May 10-15. May 14-19, Oct 15-20, Oct 25-30, Nov 02-07, Nov 15-20, Nov 25-30, Dec 03-08, Dec 10-15.


15 Days Pangboche to Pangboche.

Fixed Departure Dates:

March 25-08 Apr, April 14-25th, May 01-15th, May 07-21st. Oct 15-27, Oct 28-08 Nov, Nov 15-27,

For more details drop us a line at info@everestexpeditionsnepal.com

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