Why Partner with Everest Expeditions Nepal?

Everest Expeditions Nepal Pvt. Ltd. It is established to give the best services to the people who come to visit Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. It is one of best Expeditions leading companies in Nepal. Everest Expeditions Nepal provides all the facilities needed for hotel reservations, package tours, culture tours, trekking arrangements, peak Climbing, Expeditions, white water rafting, car rental, and worldwide ticketing. The company’s service will make valued guests enjoy a memorable stay in Nepal.

As one of the leading trekking and tour operators and travel companies in Nepal, we have built our own system of needed infrastructures to run our trekking and cultural trips in the Himalayas and beyond. We can assure you that with our long time experience, well trained and experienced friendly staff and courteous crew members and well-built infrastructures, the clients will get unparalleled service when they travel with us.  Have more curiosity about why you should partner with us?

Here are some of the reasons why we should establish a partnership.

Value for Money and Time

We understand that you plan your holiday after going through so many hectic times. You pay your hard-earned money to buy a trip to look for the most amazing time that you deserve and we understand what the holiday means to you. We don’t leave any stone unturned to make sure that you enjoy your time to the most on our trips and feel completely happy for what you paid. After all we care for making your trip great.


Nepal – a country of nature and diversity. In terms of natural, cultural, ethnic, religious, biological diversity, Nepal is a masterpiece in the entire globe. The majestic Himalayan ranges in the north claim eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest (8848 m) the top of the world. The alpine hills and valleys, with snow-fed rivers, the lakes in the central region and the dense tropical forest in the south with its rich variety of wildlife, present a fascinating combination of nature and adventure. Approximately 23.5 million people made of different races and ethic groups living in different regions, with diverse cultures, religions, language and dialects within an area of 147181 sq Km.

1. Concept

Nepal provides immense tourism potential from tourists around the world with a proper marketing strategy and government policy support to enhance the existing support systems and infrastructure without massive investments. In addition, tourism inflow from around the world to Nepal can also be encouraged substantially by aggressive marketing and developing support systems.

2. Our Mission Statement

We are committed to providing an integrated travel experience or lifestyle to customers with innovative and creative products through state of the art technology and a higher level of reliable customer service from a highly motivated & delegated team of professional & knowledgeable staff.

3. Group Tour

This division offers a wide selection of travel packages to holiday destinations such as Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India and many more. It has expanded its business into organizing chartered flights and special departures to new destinations. For example Trekking, Climbing, Climbing Courses, Rafting & Kayaking, & Many More, etc…..

4. Incentive Tour

With the largest team of professional incentive sales staff, our incentive programs provide innovative versatility for companies ranging from small organizations to big corporations.

5. Conventions

This agency manages overseas events or conventions and provides other travel services for all delegates.

6. International and Domestic Ticketing

Provides ticketing as well as a full range of travel-related services for both Corporate and Individual travel.

7. Inbound & Regional Marketing

Handle FIT/GIT, special interest, group meetings, transfers and also facilitates regional travel.

8. Wholesale

This agency focuses on providing tour planning expertise and travel services to other travel agents.

Scope of Service:

We would humbly draw your attention to Visit Nepal 2020 service range which includes:

Our Commitment:

Indeed, our success lies in our commitment to quality and service excellence offered to our distinguished guests. Fulfilling your needs and interests is our goal. Hospitality with the utmost care and humble is our motto!

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