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Dolpo Jomsom via Upper Dolpo

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“So close yet the cultural difference so huge. The people of high Dolpo still practices the nomadic lifestyle whereas, the people of Mustang practiced and enjoyed luxury even in the past because of living in the village that situated in the famous silk route.”

Legend has it that the revered Buddhist saint, Guru Rimpoche, who spread Tibetan Buddhism throughout the Himalayas, discovered this hidden land over 1700 years ago. This land, also called “beyul” or refuge has been inhabited by Tibetan nomads, called Drokpas, for over a thousand years. It has remained isolated, due to its remote location and has only been open for trekking and tourism since 1989. One of the highest inhabited places on earth, Dolpo is also still a stronghold of the pre-Buddhist, Bon Po religion. It is a high, mountainous region of fortified villages, ‘dzongs’ and many high passes.

We pass through many ancient monasteries and highland villages and wonderful natural scenery as we make our way to Phoksundo Lake and the fabled Shey Gompa. We explore alpine meadows and exotic villages in Upper Dolpo which has kept Bhoriya culture alive. We also get to experience Thakkali culture in Mustang.

The most interesting factor of this trek is that we get to witness the cultural difference of the people of different regions, had centuries ago. Dolpo the high mountainous settlement holds the nomads that migrated to the region ages ago. Similarly the people of Mustang also called Lopas also migrated from Tibet almost during the same time. Still the contrast between the people of these two regions in the past and in the recent times is so huge in terms of civilization; it is an interesting discovery.

This itinerary can be change as per  your  interest and time frame.

Available services in trekking:
Crew members:
Trekking Guide : Speak Language English ,Nepali Tibetan and Dolpo
Trekking Cook : Good Experienced In Trekking
Kitchen Boy (whole trekking staff)
Porters or Mule
Trekking equipment:
Chairs &Tables, Mattress, Member tents , Kitchen/ Dinning tent, Toilet tent, Bedding Bag , First aid kit.
Food: Three times meal ( Breakfast, lunch and Dinner)type of different items.
Drink: Tea, Coffee, juice etc. with light snacks biscuits cookies etc. along with fruits and chocolates.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:Arrival in Kathmandu/ (1400 m)
  • Day 02:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (150m)/ flight
  • Day 03:Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475m)/ flight and Juphal to Dunai/ 3 hrs trek.
  • Day 04:Dunai to Chhepka (2687m)/ 6 hrs
  • Day 05:Chhepka to Chunuwar (3110m)/ 6 hrs
  • Day 06:Chunuwar to Phoksundo Lake (3600m)/ 5-6 hrs
  • Day 07:Phoksundo – Rest day
  • Day 08:Phoksundo- Sallaghari/ 5-6hrs trek
  • Day 09:Sallaghari to Nangdala HC (4717 m)/ 5-6 hrs trek
  • Day 10:Nangdala HC to Shey Gompa/ ( 4280m) Crossing Nangdala pass (5240m)/ 5-6hrs
  • Day 11:Shey Gompa to Namgung Gompa / 6-7 hrs crossing Shey La Pass (5100m)
  • Day 12:Namgong Gompa to Saldang/ 4-5 hrs camping.
  • Day 13:Saldang to Day hike to Yangjer Gumba/ 4599m
  • Day 14:Saldang to Khoma village
  • Day 15:Khoma village to Shimen
  • Day 16:Shimen to Tinje
  • Day 17:Tinje to Yak Kharka
  • Day 18:Yak Kharka (4780m) to Chharka / 5 hrs walk crossing Mola Pass (5030m)
  • Day 19:Chharka to Norbulung/ Nulungsumda
  • Day 20:Nulungsumda/ Norbulung to Ghalden Ghuldum (4247m) Crossing Niwala (5120m) and Jungbenla (5550m) passes.
  • Day 21:Ghalden Ghuldum/ (4247m) to Sangta/ (3777m)
  • Day 22:Santa to Phalyak/ (3175m)
  • Day 23:Phalyak to Jomsom/ (2720m)
  • Day 24:Jomsom to Pokhara/ flight and Pokhara to Kathmandu/ flight.

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Ajaya Bajracharya

this is wonderful, experience trip

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