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Lunana Snowman Trek

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Duration28 Days

This is one of the most challenging treks in the world and it demands great physical fitness. The actual number of days of trekking is 23 days with two days halt on the way. It takes you very close to the highest unclimbed mountain in the world 'Gangkar Puensum'. The trek provides spectacular view of the Himalayan range that fall within Bhutanese territory. It takes you to the height altitude of 5,140 m above see level. You will be passing through the highest human settlement area in Bhutan.

Itinerary :

Day 01: Arrive by Druk-Air - Paro

Day 02: Paro - Sightseeing

Day 03: Paro - Shana

Day 04: Shana - Soi Thangthangkha

Day 05: Soi Thangthangkha - Jangothang

Day 06: Jangothang - Lingshi

Day 07: Lingshi - Chebisa

Day 08: Chebisa - Shomuthang

Day 09: Shomuthang - Robluthang

Day 10: Robluthang - Lemithang

Day 11: Lemithang - Laya

Day 12: Laya - Halt

Day 13: Laya - Roduphu

Day 14: Roduphu - Narithang

Day 15: Narithang - Tarina

Day 16: Tarina - Woche

Day 17: Woche - Lhedi

Day 18: Lhedi - Thanza

Day 19: Thanza-Halt

Day 20: Thanza - Tshochena

Day 21: Tshochena - Jichu Dramo

Day 22: Jichu Dramo - Chukarpo

Day 23: Chukarpo - Tampetso

Day 24: Tampetso - Maorothang

Day 25: Maorothang - Nikachu Chazam

Day 26: Nikachu Chazam - Thimphu

Day 27: Thimphu - Sightseeing

Day 28: Thimphu - Paro for departure


Note: The total cost and further information will be provided on request.The package can be customized as per your requirements. The departure schedule can be changed on any unavoidable circumstances such as weather hazards, trail slides, and avalanches.

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Ajaya Bajracharya

this is wonderful, experience trip

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