Helambu Valley Trekking

10 Day(s)

Overview The Helambu Valley Trekking is also a captivating journey through the pristine landscapes and cultural gems of the Langtang region in Nepal. This moderate trek offers an ideal alternative to more popular trails, providing a tranquil and off-the-beaten-path experience. The trek typically starts with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal, where the adventure begins. From here, trekkers traverse through dense forests of rhododendron and bamboo, ascending gradually through charming traditional villages inhabited by Sherpa and Tamang communities. The warm hospitality of the locals and their unique cultural practices also make for enriching interactions along the way. As the…


The Helambu Valley Trekking is also a captivating journey through the pristine landscapes and cultural gems of the Langtang region in Nepal. This moderate trek offers an ideal alternative to more popular trails, providing a tranquil and off-the-beaten-path experience.

The trek typically starts with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal, where the adventure begins. From here, trekkers traverse through dense forests of rhododendron and bamboo, ascending gradually through charming traditional villages inhabited by Sherpa and Tamang communities. The warm hospitality of the locals and their unique cultural practices also make for enriching interactions along the way.

As the trek progresses, the mesmerizing mountain views unfold, with the awe-inspiring peaks of Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Ganesh Himal, and others dominating the horizon. The pristine beauty of the landscapes, including terraced fields, lush meadows, and sparkling streams, also adds to the visual spectacle.

The journey takes trekkers through parts of the Langtang National Park, which offers opportunities to spot wildlife like the elusive red panda and various bird species. The serenity of the natural surroundings also provides a peaceful ambiance, allowing trekkers to connect with nature on a profound level.

Ancient monasteries and prayer flags mark the spiritual essence of the region, offering insights into the Buddhist culture and practices followed by the locals. These spiritual oases also provide moments of reflection and tranquility amidst the trekking adventure.

After days of trekking amidst the wonders of nature, the trail culminates at Melamchi Bazaar, a vibrant town bustling with local markets and friendly faces. Here, trekkers can also savor the local cuisine and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of this charming settlement.

Conclusion and Summary

Overall, the Helambu Valley Trekking is a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty. With its moderate difficulty level, it is accessible to trekkers of various fitness levels, including beginners and families. The allure of the less-crowded trails, also combined with the breathtaking mountain panoramas and authentic cultural experiences, makes the Helambu Valley Trek an unforgettable and rewarding journey in the heart of the Himalayas.

Trip Highlights

The Helambu Valley Trekking trip offers a delightful and memorable experience with its unique highlights that encompass both natural beauty and cultural encounters. Here are some of the key highlights of the trek:

  1. Scenic Mountain Views: The trek offers stunning panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, including Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Ganesh Himal, and other surrounding peaks. The awe-inspiring vistas of the Himalayas are a treat for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.
  2. Charming Villages: Trekking through the Helambu region allows you to visit traditional Sherpa and Tamang villages. These villages are known for their unique culture, warm hospitality, and distinct way of life. You can interact with the locals, learn about their traditions, and gain insights into their daily routines.
  3. Cultural Experience: The region is dotted with ancient monasteries, chortens, and prayer flags that reflect the rich Buddhist culture and spiritual practices of the local communities. Witnessing religious ceremonies and the peaceful ambiance of the monasteries can be a spiritually enriching experience.
  4. Beautiful Landscapes: Helambu Valley Trek offers diverse landscapes, from lush forests of rhododendron and bamboo to terraced fields and meadows. The picturesque scenery changes as you ascend or descend along the trail, creating a captivating visual journey.
  5. Langtang National Park: The trek takes you through parts of the Langtang National Park, which is home to various wildlife species like the red panda, Himalayan thar, and numerous bird species. The park’s biodiversity and natural beauty add to the allure of the trek.
  6. Sundarijal Waterfall: At the beginning of the trek, you will pass through Sundarijal, where you can witness the impressive Sundarijal Waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery. This makes for a refreshing start to your journey.
  7. Tranquil Environment: Unlike some of the more popular trekking routes in Nepal, the Helambu Valley Trek is relatively less crowded, offering a more serene and peaceful atmosphere. This allows you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature and enjoy a quieter trekking experience.
  8. Local Cuisine: During the trek, you can savor authentic Nepalese dishes and local delicacies at the teahouses and lodges. Enjoying a warm meal with a backdrop of majestic mountains is a delightful experience in itself.
  9. Melamchi Bazaar: The trek ends at Melamchi Bazaar, a lively town known for its bustling markets and friendly locals. Exploring the town and interacting with the people here can be a memorable way to conclude your trek.


Land at the Tribhuvan International Airport, where one of our airport representatives will welcome you. He will take you to the hotel. Freshen up and rest for the day.

  • Accomodation:Hotel
  • Place:Kathmandu
  • Altitude:1345

Today, you go on a guided sightseeing tour of several monuments after having breakfast. All of these sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and holds tremendous importance in history & culture of Nepal. You will visit places like Pashupatinath TempleBoudhnath StupaKathmandu Durbar Square, and Swayambhunath. You will be guided by a professional tour guide who will be able to speak in your language.

  • Walking Hours:6
  • Food:B
  • Accomodation:Hotel
  • Place:Kathmandu
  • Altitude:1345

A short drive will lead you to Sundarijal from where you begin trekking towards Chisapani. The trail passes through the Shivapuri Watershed and Shivapuri National Park.

This means you get to see diverse vegetation and wildlife. Crossing Mulkhara, the trail climbs up to a ridge through oak and rhododendron forests, where Chispani is located.

  • Walking Hours:4-5
  • Food:B, L, D
  • Accomodation:Guest House
  • Place:Chisapani
  • Altitude:2300

After having breakfast, descend for a short time. The trail then ascends crossings lovely meadows and terraced fields. Further, a downhill walk through Pathi Bhanjyang continues up to the Gul Bhanjyang. From here, climb along the ridge of Gul Bhanjyang and descend to reach Kutumsang.

  • Walking Hours:6-7
  • Food:B, L, D
  • Accomodation:Guest House
  • Place:Kutumsang
  • Altitude:2470

Today, you will reach the highest point of this trek, Tharepati Pass. From Kutumsang, the trail ascends steeply through beautiful rhododendron & fir forests.

This climb also marks a change somewhat in the character of the trek, from the warm, terraced and populated ‘middle hills’ to the higher, and wonderfully cooler, ‘temperate’ and ‘sub-alpine’ zones. By the time you reach the top of the climb, you are in among rhododendrons and conifers, you cross a prayer flag bedecked pass and descend into a new landscape of meadows, streams and dark woods.

The trail then descends to Magen Goth and climbs to Tharepati.

  • Walking Hours:6
  • Food:B, L, D
  • Accomodation:Guest House
  • Place:Tharepati
  • Altitude:3650

The trail descends to Melamchi and gradually ascends to Tarkeghyang. On the way, you will pass through Sherpa villages. Tarkeghyang is a beautiful Sherpa village with one of the oldest and biggest monasteries. Tarkeghyang, also known as Helambu is named after the Helambu tribe that originated from Tibet.

  • Walking Hours:6
  • Food:B, L, D
  • Accomodation:Guest House
  • Place:Tarkeghyang
  • Altitude:2743

It is going to be quite easy walking day that mostly involves flat land and lush forests. Crossing small streams, you move towards Shermathang, which is another lovely sherpa village.

Here, you will get to see the lifestyle of the locals and get to interact with Lamas while sipping delicious warm butter tea. From this village, superb views of Jugal Himal can be seen.

  • Walking Hours:5
  • Food:B, L, D
  • Accomodation:Guest House
  • Place:Shermathang
  • Altitude:2620

After breakfast, descends to Melamchi Pul Bazar through meadows and terraced fields. You will pass by several small villages before reach Melamchi Pul Bazar.

  • Walking Hours:5
  • Food:B, L, D
  • Accomodation:Guest House
  • Place:Melamchi Pul Bazaar
  • Altitude:870

Have breakfast, and drive back to Kathmandu. The drive will be long and present the countryside views. Upon reaching Kathmandu, you get moved to the hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to explore and do shopping.

  • Walking Hours:7
  • Food:B, L, D
  • Accomodation:Hotel
  • Place:Kathmandu
  • Altitude:1345

It is time to say goodbye to each other. As per your flight departure time, our team member will drop you at the airport with our best wishes.

If you want to take other tours in Nepal such as Chitwan Jungle Safari, Bardia Jungle Safari, Pokhara Tour or Lumbini tour then you can start from today and do let us know if you want to take any tour as we also arrange those tours.

  • Food:B

What's Included

  1. Airport Pick-up and Drop Off,
    2. Licensed and trained trekking guides,
    3. potters for carrying goods and supplies,
  2. Meal on full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) basis during the trek
    5. 3 Nights Accommodation in the 3 Star Hotel in Kathmandu with B & B. (Bed & Breakfast) on Twin Sharing Basis.
    6. All accommodation during the trek on sharing Basis.
    7. All meals and hot beverages during the trek.
    8. Transportation to and from trail head by Private and Sharing Transport from Kathmandu to Ramechap to Kathmandu to Ramechap)
    9. All necessary documents and permits for trekking (where applicable)
    10. National Park/Conservation Area entry Permit, Insurance, and
    equipment for the staffs.
  3. Coordination of quick Rescue service (Costs covered by your Insurance Plan)
  4. Trekking staffs wages etc.
  5. Welcome dinner in a Nepali Cultural Dance restaurant in Kathmandu.
  6. Trekking Map, T-shirt, and Trekking certificate.
  7. Exclusive of Medical Kit Bag
  8. All Government and local Taxes
  9. International Flight ticket re-confirmation.
  10. Meals will be Start when your Trek starts.
  11. Domestic Flights from Kathmandu to Lukla to Kathmandu
  12. Domestic Flights for Trekking Guide.
  13. Trekking Staff Insurance of $10,000 Per Person.

What's Excluded

Services and Cost Does not Included in Price:
1. International Airfares,
2. Travel/Trekking Insurance,
3. Excess baggage charges More than 16kg and hand bag more than 5 kg in
domestic flights.
4. Visa fees.
5. Airport Departure Taxes.
6. Drinks (Cold and Alcoholic) Rescue charge.
7. Tips for The staffs.
8. Expenses of Personnel nature and Permit and Liaison officer fee (where Applicable.
9. Meals during stay in the Kathmandu

  1. Extra Domestic Ticket  of Jomsom, Pokhara etc.
  2. Extra Hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Trip Information

Helambu Valley Trekking is a popular trekking destination in Nepal, offering a wonderful blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and moderate trekking routes. It is a great alternative to the more famous treks in the Everest and Annapurna regions, as it is less crowded and provides a more tranquil environment. Below is some essential information about the Helambu Valley Trek:

Location: The Helambu Valley is situated in the north of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It is part of the Langtang National Park and lies about 72 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu.

Duration: The typical Helambu Valley Trek takes around 6 to 8 days to complete, depending on the specific route and your pace. This allows trekkers to acclimatize gradually and enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the way.

Difficulty: The trek is considered moderate in difficulty, making it suitable for a wide range of trekkers, including beginners and families. However, some parts of the trail may involve steep ascents and descents, so it’s advisable to have a reasonable level of fitness.

Best Time to Trek: The best time to undertake the Helambu Valley Trek is during the two primary trekking seasons in Nepal:

  1. Spring (March to May): This season offers blooming rhododendron forests and clear skies, making it a picturesque time to trek.
  2. Autumn (September to November): This season provides stable weather conditions and excellent visibility, making it another popular time for trekking in the region.

Permits: To trek in the Helambu region, you will need two permits:

  1. TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) card
  2. Langtang National Park entry permit

Accommodation: There are teahouses and lodges available along the trekking route, providing basic accommodation and meals. The facilities may be more basic compared to the popular Everest and Annapurna regions, but they are sufficient for trekkers.

Highlights of the Trek:

  • Stunning views of the Himalayas, including Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, and Ganesh Himal ranges.
  • Charming traditional villages and interactions with the friendly local Sherpa and Tamang communities, providing insights into their culture and lifestyle.
  • Exploring beautiful rhododendron and bamboo forests, as well as picturesque terraced farmlands.
  • Visiting ancient monasteries and Buddhist stupas along the way.

Trek Itinerary (Sample): Here is a general itinerary for the Helambu Valley Trek:

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal, then trek to Chisapani.

Day 2: Trek from Chisapani to Kutumsang.

Day 3: Trek from Kutumsang to Thadepati.

Day 4: Trek from Thadepati to Tarkeghyang.

Day 5: Trek from Tarkeghyang to Sermathang.

Day 6: Trek from Sermathang to Melamchi Bazaar, then drive back to Kathmandu.

Please note that this itinerary can be adjusted based on your preferences and the time you have available.

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